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Sheep Harvest In The Chugach Range

Sheep Harvest in the Chugach Range

A Sheep harvest in the Chugach Range can be a bold undertaking. Only complete with a bit of suffering and sweating under the modern day Alaskan Sun. One day it’s a vision of grandeur and then the vision manifests to reality. For Jason Goslinga, a sheep harvest in the Chugach Range was a story untold and it started a little like this……  A Super Cub flight to lands unknown, raft travel to parts forbidden, a glacier crossing in the night, ridge top heat stroke and rock obstacle courses (Rok-Stacle Course) when the sun goes down. Without a doubt, Jason (Goose) Goslinga earned his reward with 60lbs. of steak with handles. If you think a 6´5″ man is hard to hide or get in a Super Cub, then meat Jason Goslinga, nimble like a cat, cool like a receding glacier and always ready like a Yeti!

Yeti in the ChugachOTC SheepSheep Harvest in the Chugach Range#meateater

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