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Guided Mt. Goat Hunts

Alaska Goat Hunting is a bucket list for every hunter worth their salt. Certainly it is an experience on par with any Sheep Hunting Adventure. While the Goat and Sheep are both high mountain inhabitants of the Chugach Range. Without doubt, Goats have evolved specifically for steep travel. That is because its skeletal structure is transformed to include an aft center of gravity. And for this reason Goats are able to feed in the precarious precipices. Not to mention they are sure of foot and undaunted with the challenges of living in the crags. Regardless of how they protect themselves in unreachable places. They are just as wary as the Dall Sheep and depend on their sight and smell equally. Despite the challenges, their long guard hairs and quintessential wooly knickers make this animals cape relished as much as its impressive horns. The Billy Goat is our only quarry.

At this point, this all sounds daunting, but our guides have lead many hunts in what appears to be inhospitable terrain. First, start your mental checklist with a bolstered will. Secondly, get yourself in shape, be the quarry you seek. Next, wether you are Rifle hunting or Archery hunting, practice your art! Study your ballistics and put them in practice. And use the provided gear list for your Alaska Goat Hunting adventure to get the right equipment. And finally, bring your best game and we will match it with ours. Only then can we fulfill your lifetime goal. And if you think your too long in the tooth, without reservation, call and we can discuss packer options… We have our own Aircraft and provide all bush flights in and out of the field

Hunt Details

  • Season:August 10 – October 15
  • Duration:10 Days
  • Location:Chugach Range
  • Units:Unit 13 & 14
  • Guide to Client:1:1
  • Cost:$13,500

“The Mountain Goat is a highly evolved animal. Not a highly responsive animal, but its evolution is to maintain life in some inhospitable terrain. There are places a goat will go you cant conceivably follow and he will get there with no amount of duress. To hunt goat in the Chugach Range takes the dust off the Ole Hobnail Boots.” – Cash Joyce

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Locations of our Mt. Goat Hunts

We hunt the Billy Goat in the same range we hunt Dall Sheep, Units 13 and 14. The Goat populations are strong and every year they seem to proliferate. On par with Sheep Hunting, you can expect a goat hunt to be equally demanding. Don’t let the mountain atmosphere dissuade you. If you think you are too far along in your season, consider asking for a packer to ease your conscience. We can and will help you with your objective, please consider this overlooked hunt it has a lot to offer.

Ready to start planning your next Alaska Mt. Goat hunt?

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