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Guided Brown Bear Hunts

Experience Alaska Brown Bear Hunting in the heart of the Aleutian Range. Lying near the historic fishing village of Chignik Lagoon, is a region rich with Brown Bear habitat, it encompasses both Refuge and Native land. Both of which, we are the only Outfitter permitted to hunt. This highly acclaimed area has boundless potential. It stretches from the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is in reach of the Bering Sea. It has without a doubt the largest Brown Bears in the world. Historically our area has been studied by the Alaska Fish & Game and US Fish & Wildlife for its Brown Bear density. So, take advantage of our Exclusive right to enter and Hunt this well managed land.


Hunting strategy will depend on what season you choose. First of all, in the Fall you have shorter days. As a result, sunrise and sunset are the pivotal hours for finding Big Bears. Although their hides are thinner rubbing won’t be a factor. Ultimately Bears are focused on gaining weight this time of year. Your hunting strategies will also be based around food sources such as; salmon, berries and beach forage. Alternatively, the longer days in the Spring equate to more hours glassing. Spring hides are developed and full with a small percentage being rubbed. In essence, intercepting Boars en route to Sows in estrous is your primary objective.


Here are a few things to consider. First, you will appreciate that our target is mature and exceptionally sized Bears in the 9’ and 10+ range. Also, wether you are an Archery or a Rifle hunter, we have the professional experience to guide you. We include Bush Plane transportation from our base in Chignik Bay to our many Alaska Brown Bear Hunting camps. Dont forget, we own and operate our own Super Cubs for all bush flights.

Hunt Details

  • Spring Season: 2020 May 10 – 25
  • Fall Season: 2019 Oct. 7 – 21
  • Duration:15 Days
  • Location:Alaska Peninsula
  • Guide to Hunter:1:1
  • Cost:$ Call for Current Price $
  • Includes hide and skull transport to Anchorage, AK.

* Pricing includes hide and skull transport to Anchorage.

“I am amazed at what a Brown Bear is capable of, it continuously stretches its boundaries in habitat, has the most complex social structure and as individuals have unique behaviors including genocide. After all they are a higher order species. And to hunt a truly large bear one has to adhere to a code as a Bear Hunter, managing his own scent and acting only with a deft and decisive action.” – Cash Joyce

Big Brown Bear In Alaska
Big Brown Bear In Alaska
Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunting
9' 8" Brown Bear
Archery Brown Bear
Archery Brown Bear Alaska
AK Peninsula Hunts
Brown Bear Kills Caribou
Exclusive Use Native Land
Big Brown Bear In AlaskaAlaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunting9' 8" Brown BearArchery Brown BearArchery Brown Bear AlaskaAK Peninsula HuntsBrown Bear Kills CaribouExclusive Use Native Land

Seasons of our Brown Bear Hunts

Spring Bear Hunts  2021 – 2022 – 2024  May 10 – 25
Spring hides are full and developed but have occasional rubs. And with the onset of spring, the Bears are emerging from their dens and mating season gets underway. Base Camp living and spot and stalk Bear Hunting.

Fall Bear Hunts 2021 – 2023 – 2025  October 7 – 21
Fall hides are full but thinner and not rubbed. And the Bears have accumulated their winter weight and are feeding on Sedge, Salmon, Oceanside forage and Berries. Base Camp living, glass from vantages and high-points then Stalk to position.

Ready to start planning your next Alaska Brown Bear hunt?

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