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Deposit is required, 50% is preferred before we proceed in booking (cash, check, credit card, wire).


Balance is expected 60 days prior to the hunt in form of (cash, check, credit card + 3.5% or wire).


Cancellation before 60 days of your scheduled departure is eligible for a refund. Cancellation less than 60 days from your scheduled departure is eligible if we can rebook your space. If we need to rebook your space at a discounted rate your refund will be equivalent to the discounted rate. If for any reason Vast Alaska cancels a trip you will receive a full refund.

Liability waiver

Liability waiver is a pre-requisite and needs to be signed before departure. Vast Alaska is a fully licensed and insured company with your safety in mind.

Guide experience

Guide experience is essential to be productive. It is our pride that the guides employed are familiar to the particular region, proficient in judging game and efficient traveling in these mountains in all seasons. The guides have a broad base of skills for the outdoors that go beyond what is required for big game guiding. Each guide holds a guide license, first aid and CPR credits.

Success rate

Success rate is entirely up to you. If you give your best effort and are willing to participate in a fair chase hunt you are bound for success.

Trophy care

Trophy care, while in the field, care for your meat and trophy is our responsibility, this includes professional skinning, fleshing and salting if need be. The meat will be well taken care of; after all we were raised on game meat so we can appreciate its value. Once we return to town we turn the responsibility over to you, we will direct you to quality fur dressers, taxidermists and expediters to take care of the hide and skull.

License and tags

License and tags, you can purchase online or wait until arrival in Alaska. We can and will expedite the online purchase, while you’re on the phone, free of charge.


Access is with small fixed wing airplane. We have two Super Cubs we utilize to get to our hunting areas.

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