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Hunting with Vast Alaska

Alaska offers some of the finest big game hunting on earth. Combined with its rugged terrain, unpredictable weather and remoteness, planning and preparation are essential to a successful hunt.

In order to help you succeed we will collaborate and focus on a common goal, to have an extraordinary hunting adventure. Your contribution will be to arrive physically and mentally prepared. We are here to assist you and expect you are as serious about your Alaska hunt as we are. Be sure to convey your expectations to Vast Alaska regarding your health and fitness level. We accommodate all ages, levels and disciplines of hunters, knowing your abilities gives us a jump on how we can get you close to the game.

In this wild country we have the resources to guide you on your quest.


Time is of the essence and logistics is a major focal point to our hunt. We understand how crucial missing a departure or arrival to camp can be on the grand scale of a trip. These precious days in the field are why you have come to Alaska to hunt. Details are constantly weighed and balanced to ensure you have ultimate success. We have the means to get you to the backcountry by aircraft or foot on short notice.

Hunting Bush Plane

Alaska Terrain and Weather

Ultimately terrain and weather dictate how we approach the hunt, we are very familiar with these obstacles due to a lifetime living and hunting in Alaska. We have had many successful hunts in the grips of torrential weather and in the grasp of formidable mountain environments.

We have come to conclude that “it is just part of the game!” If you can imagine a crew composed of pilots and alpinists then you can imagine that our longevity is based on sound judgement of weather and mountain terrain.

Alaska Hunting Terrain
Alaska Terrain
Alaska Weather
Fall Moose Hunt Alaska

Meals and Camping

Many considerations are involved with food selection and our meals are appropriate for our method of travel. They include a healthy selection of fresh and dried food. The mountain hunts such as the Sheep hunts and Goat hunts require high energy, lightweight food that we can haul in a rucksack. Small, light mountain tents are the shelter and can easily fit in a backpack.

While the base camp hunts such as the Moose hunts and Brown Bear hunts allow a rich selection of food and a comfortable basecamp with more amenities. We can accommodate any special food requirements, just let us know.

Vast Alaska Dressing
Hunting Camp

During the Hunt

You start your trip with a flight over the awe inspiring Alaska scenery, your destination is based on our assessment of the game populations, weather and terrain. You and your guide will keep a vigilant watch on the hunting area and make critical assessments on harvestable animals, routes and planning a stalk. It is important to remember that hunting in this country requires tactics on many levels; navigating the terrain, understanding the quarry and it´s habits and predicting mountain winds.

Vast Alaska Spotting
During The Hunt Vast Alaska

Field Dressing and Cape

The ritual of field dressing is a significant part of every successful hunt. Photo ops, skinning, packing and meat preservation are equally attended in a professional manner by your experienced guide. It takes a level of accuracy to field dress an animal, we can honestly say we have skinned and caped countless trophies to date.

Ram Horns
Moose Field Care

It’s a well known adage but ultimately a very important factor when selecting your hunting guide – “after the shot is made, the real work begins”. We take pride in our ability to properly preserve your trophy hunt.

Full Moose Cape

After the Hunt

When packing out from your field camp to the landing strip, your guide will use every means to lighten your load. Scanning for available landing zones proximate to your location and relieving you of your burden if you falter is one of our goals at Vast Alaska.

Our hope is that your reconnection with the land and your self reliant skills will empower you to no end. Hunting is a gratifying pursuit, particularly on an Alaskan hunting adventure. The test of your physical and mental aptitude is a worthy reflection.

Vast Alaska After The Hunt

Ready to start planning your next big Alaskan hunt?

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