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Vast Alaska Hunt Reviews

Over the years Vast Alaska has had the pleasure of guiding clients on many remarkable hunting adventures. We work hard to make sure every aspect of the hunt is a rewarding and successful endeavor for our guest. Hunting is one of the more gratifying pursuits, especially in Alaska – where else can you find an abundance of wildlife and unspoiled wilderness.

Here are a few client hunting reviews from past trips with Vast Alaska. Read what they had to say about their experience hunting with Vast Alaska.

Roger Kolassa

Cash was spot on when it came to interpreting the interaction of those bears. The Landscape was amazing, the wildlife was completely wild. Fox, Caribou, Bears. It was exciting to see wildlife in action as we watched a Boar chase a sow and two cubs on the ridge. He eventually killed and ate both cubs and then tried to captivate the un wanting Sow. It was a lot more mountainous than I imagined, a lot of real estate. I am heading back to hunt Dall Sheep in 2016.

Douglas Leech

My hunting experience dates back to shadowing my father at age 6. I have been on 41 sheep hunts in North America….. None were in more difficult terrain. My sheep hunt with Cash had the biggest impact on me. His abilities in the mountains were incredible. We travelled in some difficult and dangerous terrain, I pushed myself to the limit and I always felt safe. My sights were set on a Book Dall Sheep and over the course of four weeks in the field we achieved that. We never quit. But most notable…… sometimes I could not tell if I were with a nobel peace prize recipient, a poet, a Harvard professor of philosophy, a physicist, a Mt. Everest conqueror or a multi-lingual CIA operative.

One of the most interesting guys I have met, and most of all enjoyable to be around. Looking forward to our next hunt together!

Douglas Leech Record Book Dall Sheep
Tom Nye

I enjoyed the mental and physical aptitude of each an every day. An extraordinary hunt with Cash, and Vast Alaska – Thanks!

Tom Nye Sheep Hunt
Barney Helton

In 2007 I got to go on a dream hunt for Dall Sheep in Alaska. Cash Joyce was my guide. I had the time of my life, we walked in big glacier country, he was very knowledgeable, lots of patience, great guide and became a good friend. Recommend him highly.

Dall Sheep
Steven Tisdale

Alaska is absolutely breathtaking!!!! It is hard to describe the awesome raw beauty of this land. Cash has the knowledge and experience with weather conditions, game species, and terrain. An excellent pilot as well. Truly enjoyed traversing across glaciers, and watching sheep from afar. Will never forget the brown bear running and sliding down the glacier after winding us. I’ll be back for mountain goat!

Alaska Sheep Hunting
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