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Guided Dall Sheep Hunts

Prized for it’s savory flesh and massive, impressive horn, the Alaskan Dall Sheep is one of the more rewarding species to hunt. The habitat of the Dall Sheep is an awe inspiring place to be, perched above the Alaskan bush line, glaciers and snow capped peaks are elemental. Staying out of sight is the challenge, Sheep have uncanny eyesight and a keen sense of smell. Their high mountain lifestyle is spent grazing on the rich green sedges in the morning and evening. By day they lay up as Sentries on prominent crags above, surveying the surrounding terrain, always alert.

Provided the lifestyle and the habitat of the Dall Sheep it is easy to understand the allure of this sought after species. If you think you’re too far along in your season, in other words “too old” to hunt sheep, then consider asking for a packer to lighten your load. Consider this hunt, it has a lot to offer.

Hunt Details

  • Season:August 10 – September 20
  • Duration:10 Days
  • Location:Chugach & Talkeetna Range
  • Units:Unit 13, 14, 14C
  • Guide to Client:1:1
  • Cost:$18,500

“The terrain the Dall sheep inhabit is demanding, requiring skill as an alpinist and a hunter. Vast open spaces, formidable country, closing the gap on a Dall Sheep with uncanny eyesight and superb sense of smell is a high mountain game of chess.” – Cash Joyce

Alaskan Sheep Hunter

Locations of our Sheep Hunts

We are based in the Chugach Range and Talkeetna Range, hunting Units 13 and 14 including Unit 14C Chugach State Park. Since the implementation of the new Draw a permit to hunt areas, we have witnessed the sheep population growth.

With limited entry hunting privileges, our annual surveys are impressive with many exceptional marks. It was a needed change and it awards favorable opportunities for hunters and the preservation of the species.

Ready to start planning your next Dall Sheep hunt?

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