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Vast Alaska’s Brown Bear Hunting Gear List

This gear list should help prepare you in advance.

Temperatures range from 32F to 60F

Vast Alaska proudly endorses Sitka Gear


Be advised cotton clothing does not wick away rain and sweat from the skin, it requires too much energy for you to get dry.  Synthetic or wool fibers ONLY.

Barneys Sports Chalet                                                           907.561.5242  is a good outlet for hunting gear.  The crew can assist in your decisions on what you need for where your going. They are located in mid-town Anchorage, Alaska. They are avid Alaskan hunters and suppliers since 1963.  If you need help with anything they are well versed and will give you advice or direction. Website sales and support.

Sitka Gear– The finest technical gear on the planet

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