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Brown Bear Hunting with a Recurve

Brown Bear Hunting with a Recurve

Brown Bear Hunting with a Recurve is traditional in all respects. Wether it is a Longbow or a Recurve, the lack of sites require the hunter to use his bow as it was an appendage of his body. We expect that you use all of your available time practicing and meditating on this subject. We can give you the opportunity. You must realize that these Brown Bears are not pin cushions. The utmost precaution must be taken to make lethal shots and develop an uncanny sixth sense of range and target acquisition. Practice in wind, and basically roving shots. Assume that your range will be closer than what you might expect shooting targets. Know that a Brown Bears body is dense and muscular and deeper than what you presume. This is very important when it comes to knowing the anatomy of such a wide animal.

When Brown Bear Hunting with a Recurve, research effective fixed blade broad heads and arrow combinations. Visualize shot placement into an animal that is twice as wide as a deer. Practice in wind and moving from one release position to another between shots. Practice real life situations that are in fact reality when in the field. Terrain angles, wind currents and simple mistakes will keep you from netting your quarry. We can help you with common place dilemmas that separate success from another learning experience.

We combine USFW Refuge Area with Private Native Corporation Land to create the best Brown Bear Venue in Alaska. Vast Alaska has its own Aircraft and all the local knowledge you can ask for in your Alaska Bow Hunting experience.

Nose to the Wind!


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