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Hunting Trophy Alaska Rams

Hunting Trophy Alaska Rams in Chugach State Park

Hunting Trophy Alaska Rams in the Chugach State Park with Steven P. Boswell of Boswell Custom Rifles. Steven has been faithfully donating to the Alaska Fish and Game for years. Throwing his money at one slim chance to draw a Chugach Sheep Permit. He has countless quality mountain rifles in the field and has even donated rifles to the Wild Sheep Foundations Alaska chapter. There are many people who deserve an opportunity to hunt sheep in the park. I am glad to say that now there is one less in the pool and their odds have improved. 

Accessing the park is a menage of trails complete with a variety of entrances and exits. Linking up these access points is the key to a successful trip. 

Every good sheep hunt begins with a river crossing, some are more eventful than others. This first river crossing was a huge success but the next 2 crossings were a bit of a challenge. Nobody got wet, but the opportunity was readily available. 2500´ later the trio arrived at their alpine homestead. Living under cover of the last of the vegetation before the alpine, guide Johnny Helton, assistant guide Talon Mcdonald and Steve Boswell sized up the opposition. The high peaks of the Chugach State Park formidable to man and home to their quarry. There was three legal rams and one exceptional Dall Sheep on their horizon. They acted swiftly and deftly, only taking what they needed from this pristine habitat. Leaving no trace to the future generations of hunting and the next proud recipient of a Chugach State Park permit. Hunting Trophy Alaska Rams could be the apex of your hunting career in Vast Alaska.

Sheep Hunt Vast AlaskaJohnny Helton Alaska Guide

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