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Youth Goat Hunting In The Chugach Range

Youth Goat Hunting in the Chugach Range

Youth Goat Hunting in the Chugach Range. We took to the Alpine and brought along a young man who would be our future in hunting in the Chugach Range. Along our path were many obstacles he overcame. To name a few; rocks, glaciers, talus, devils club and the formidable skies above that served the winds and rain. 

And it was a joy for us, the Dad and a meager guide to supplement the upbringing of a fine young man into the Chugach Range and what it has to offer…  Sustenance, life, rejuvenation and the education that the modern day schools system lacks. 

We harvested a #BooneCrockett Mt. Goat in hometurf Alaska. We enjoyed the company of youth goat hunting in the Chugach Range. And we taught young subsistence men how to keep their nose to the wind, enjoy a rain because they were born wet. How to take advantage of the weather, wind and storms and live like we still wear loin clothes to bed. 

Youth for the Future, North in #Vast Alaska.

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86# of meat, 10 1/4″ Billy,  51 1/4″ Green Score

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