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Goat Hunt Alaska

Mountain Goat Hunting

They are born in the land of the ice and snow, rocky outcrops and alpenglow. Mountain Goat Hunting in Vast Alaska is an unparalleled hunting experience. This formidable species is overlooked by many hunters as an unattainable feat. Regardless of what you might think, persistence, true grit and love of the high places will guide you to success.

Christopher Jensen arrived with his boots on and ready to take on the Chugach Range. Regardless of whatever the land, sea and weather could throw at him. In the meantime, a mature Billy was keeping himself fat and healthy ridge top and waiting for his pursuit. Christopher and guide Tony Marchini found a weakness into the highlands through coastal scree, salmon berry bushes, devils club, timber and alder. No plants were injured on their quest and the Goat never saw them coming….

Prized by us for its savory flesh, the bounty of meat from Mountain Goat Hunting combined with the experience is worth the effort! 

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