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Unit 14C Sheep Hunting

Unit 14C Sheep Hunting

Unit 14C Sheep Hunting in the Chugach Range begins by being selected in a random drawing. Drawing a 14C Sheep tag takes a stroke of luck, so Brooke Anderson took advantage of her good fortune. With her dad John Anderson as her usual hunting partner they are a force to be reckoned with. I want to mention that this duo are hardened Chugach Range hunters. They have a long list of accomplishments and experience that makes them a pleasure to hunt with. And Johnny Helton had the good fortune of guiding the pair on their quest for an adventure to remember harvesting a beautiful unit 14C Dall Sheep. 

Let the story unfold.  Under the unprecedented heat wave in Alaska, they began their 17 mile trek into the high country. Their assistant guide Talon, helped with the heavy lifting and kept spirits high. The River crossings were ominous this season, they can make or break perfectly good morale. From a strategic ridge top camp they found what they were looking for. Amongst sky lined mountainscapes and Alaskan size glaciers one gem caught their eye. Their prize was an Adventure in Vast Alaska, completed in Alaskan Size fashion!

14C Dall Sheep Hunting in the Chugach Range with Vast Alaska…

.unit 14c dall sheep huntingUnit 14c sheep hunting with Vast Alaska

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