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Chugach Sheep Hunting

Sheep Hunt in Vast Alaska

Every Sheep Hunt in Vast Alaska is a monumental achievement, it takes the will to pack your livelihood to the top of a mountain and live on grit. Keep in mind that sheep wear the clothes on their back and watch their food grow! And these three mountain men know how to handle the elements and actually have a good time doing it. Now the stage is set for a good Alaska Sheep Hunt.

Paul Neess has a excellent background in mountain hunting. Considering Carl and Peter Oswald are true Alaskans to the hardened bone “if you know what I mean”. We can see that we have a team that could handle a real situation if presented. So they made short work of finding a good Ram on their Sheep Hunt and obviously Paul made a clean shot. All free range organically grown meat was accounted for and these carnivores left nothing to the Wolves. I can’t imagine a better group nor a different outcome for these Sheep Hunters.

Long live their spirit, Stay Feral and Nose to the Wind.


Home Grown Alaskan Fare
Home Grown Alaskan Fare
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