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Sheep Hunt in the Chugach Range

A Sheep Hunt in the Chugach Range is the pursuit of a mountain honor. It comes with the rewards of a great lifestyle. So we camped, hiked and breathed mountain air and it was as refreshing as the glacial rivers. With the packs on our backs we took to the high country to find a true Chugach Range mountaineer in his natural habitat.

Amidst the condyles between two glaciers lives an 11 year old ram. I had seen him in the past on a Sheep Hunt in the Chugach Range. This particular ram takes to a rugged and steep mountain i call Mt. Sinister. Since he rarely sets foot on easy ground we took to the steppes to finally see his last sunrise. That night Sultan Kawarit and I stalked through the twilight and Northern Lights to set a bead on this old monarch. When Sultan´s shot range true in this seldom seen valley, we were both sullen in the fact that our quest was over and blessed with this fallen Chugach Mountaineer. As a result a mountain feast was in order. Then we ate tent stake shish kabobs over the cookstove looking over his valley. With loaded packs we felt our good fortune with a successful Sheep Hunt in the Chugach Range.

Sheep-Hunt-Chugach-Range-4 Sheep-Hunt-Chugach-Range-2

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