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Vast Alaska

Sheep Hunt Alaska

 “You only really live when you extend your boundaries of comfort”. North to the future and the land of the midnight sun. So, we sped off to the fringes of the ice cap to hunt for the elusive Dall Sheep. Fog and rain and the impasse of a glacier crossing did not detour Robbie Morris from the life of the Chugach Range. Robbie came to sheep hunt Alaska and experience glacier crossings, creeks running wild and the never ending desire to live free like the quarry we pursue. Robbie fulfilled his ambition and melted into his surroundings  like it was part of his home. It only proves that, no matter where your from, home is the range of your instinct. 

We dedicated this hunt to a special friend, Darren Baucom. His legend we placed on our high point to overlook what we felt he saw in life, great things!!  

Sitka Gear

Thanks to Sitka Gear for keeping us dry.

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