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Alaska Sheep Hunt

Peters Creek, Alaska to hunt Sheep

To fall in the Chugach has many meanings, change of season brings rebirth in the end. The foliage showed its true colors and the intent of a few lean men show their purpose for a mountain fed harvest of Chugach Range fed meat. So a few skinny men walked their way to the head waters of the Peters Creek to mine for gold. To their surprise it was a moist reception of cloud cloaked veils and deception. Time tells all, the mustard of will and the realization that the Chugach has its own will and its beings have adapted to live on the fringe of ice and precipice. Take note, your trace follows the prevailing winds and their sight will stifle your will. Relish is the marinade that a fine grade of meat leaves on ones palate. High Chugach Fives to the hunters…… Mark Balcos, Johnny Helton and Ryan Castle!

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