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Hunting Sheep in Alaska

Hunting Sheep in Alaska with Kara Nicolet. Kara is 2nd generation from Alaska..

Hunting Sheep in Alaska was productive for Kara P. Nicolet. This 2nd generation Alaskan drew a Chugach Sheep Tag in the heart of Unit 13D. Her ambitions and drive were enough to locate a majestic 13 year old Ram to fill her harvest ticket. Kara, Harry and I had a good time hunting sheep in Alaska, our home turf. We scrambled the high country in search of sheep, reveled in our good fortune, absorbed the fall colors and ate berries….. Although the fruit is the same, sometimes it tastes a little sweeter with good company. Hunting Sheep meat in Alaska is a our favorite pastime. Harvesting wild game in the Chugach Range is easily balanced with the spectrum of fall colors and endless vistas.  When you approach it like she does, you can’t help but realize that Hunting Sheep feels good.





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