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Alaska Goat Hunts

Goat Hunting Alaska

As a hunter, One might seek a remote surrounding, where the mountains meet the sea and time is no longer essence but a hindrance. A place where a harvest of Alaskan game is a Mountain Man undertaking that can change ones life and keep them on the right path. There is only one place that could fulfill Lee Colquitt´s needs while Goat Hunting Alaska. To leave behind the life he knew and root in the broken shale with the moss berries. Drink from the spirit of the sky, the waters pure as a melted Pleistocene ice crystal. Live it like its your last, traction is a poise that you control transferred by a boots sole. So he embarked on his own quest of self fulfillment, taking in the vertical gain was a scenic luxury. He parted the fog like a bad haircut and ate what we gave him. Hunger makes the dog hunt harder and what fuels us is from the land. He came with a desire and he left with a grip on Mother Earth and a 10 1/4″ Billy while Goat Hunting Vast Alaska.

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