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Chugach Range Mountain Goat Hunt ends with satisfaction.

This Chugach Range Mountain Goat Hunt ended with satisfaction and a moment of solace. The Goat by nature is a communal or social animal. Although the aged Billy (Male), will for servitude of persirverance become solitary and sedentary except for the breeding season (Rut). Protecting its seed in rugged and hard to reach places such as cliffs and precipices. The Billy will travel great distances in order to breed. A Nanny (female) will nurse in rugged terrain and her ¨Kids¨ are agile and mountaineers the moment they hit the ground. Longevity reigns to 20 yrs. but on average, mountain hardships shorten the life span to 12. Check out our hunt and come experience your own Chugach Range Mountain Goat Hunt.

This was a self Chugach Range Mountain Goat Hunt i did in early November. I did and aerial survey of this glaciated area to count animal units for Non-resident opportunities. And the Goat habitat was astounding however the area was formidable. I flew 6 hours and counted 75 animal units. My objective was to take a non-resident in the registration hunt. Unknowingly it was closed by the time we were to embark on our hunt. So instead, like a good guide should i took advantage of the fact that the Resident season was still open. I really enjoy spinning my wheels in the high country left to my own devices. The devices i am referring to are ice axes and crampons that predate my guiding career. When I used to climb ice rock and all things precipitous. Life is a gem, enjoy the bounties of hard won Goat Meat.

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