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Bobby Hall’s 40 inch Dall Sheep Hunt in Alaska

This remarkable Sheep Hunt began below the out fall of a significant glacier in the Chugach Mountains. The approach seemed as sinister as the mountain in which the sheep considered home. It was going to be a test of mettle, perseverance and mental fortitude. The long arduous approach slowly eased with grade and gave way to a picturesque camp location above the glacier. Guarded by sheerness above the ice, the rams chose to stay close to the rim rocks where the wind was steady and the bugs were few. We held steadfast to the notion they would come out of their guarded vantage sooner or later. It was remarkable hunting with such a strong fellow at 59 years. Just as easy to be content with his nature. Bobby Hall is well deserving of this sheep and its tasty bounty. Check out the video below.

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