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Alaska Brown Bear Hunts

Alaska Brown Bear Hunts

All Alaska Brown Bear Hunts begin with a level of unknown certainty. What Gear do I need to for this hunt and what is the terrain like? What is the average shot distance and what caliber rifle will I need? All these questions can be answered from with a little bit of local knowledge. After all, that is why you hired Vast Alaska.

Who we are;

  • local Sportsmen who share a passion about Alaska Brown Bear Hunts, plus the adventure of the pursuit.
  • Alaska is Our home. I am a born and raised Alaskan and I have local knowledge and years of experience for a successful and rewarding hunt.
  • We are Hunting in a Pristine Wilderness Area. Hunting is a gift, it is raw, unique and wild, we enjoy sharing this remote country with You.
  • We have a commitment to sustainability. Our focus is private lands and USFW Refuge areas to effectively manage the country for longevity.

Greg McMillan came to Alaska as a Noble and Experienced Outdoorsman. However he had never been on an Alaska Brown Bear Hunts before. There was a few blanks to fill in before to mentally prep him for the Hunt. That is what We are here for, you can lean on Us to confirm your Rifle selection is adequate. That your Hunting Gear selection is the right choice. We will brief you on how we will access this remote location we call home. While in the field, your Guide will teach you more about Brown Bear habits than you ever knew. Brown Bears are a hard species to hunt, Come and see for yourself…


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