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Alaska Peninsula Hunting

Alaska Peninsula Hunting in the Wildlife Refuge

The Spring 2021 Alaska Peninsula Hunting season started off with a chill in the air. Pushki and Sedge, the main food source for Brown Bears coming out of their dens was slowly popping out. Meanwhile, our hunters kept a vigilant watch on their surroundings, hunting for a dominant Brown Bear. Bears were moving in this broad valley but finding the right target proved to be the hurdle. Bear hunting takes a lot of patience, you can sit on your vantage for a week in solitude and then find yourself on a mad dash to intercept a Great Bear, thats how it goes on the Alaska Peninsula Hunting.

So Brian Reinhart kept his focus on the prize. Keeping track of all the action in this valley. Sows with cubs and lone Sows casting their spell to potential sires. Kile Thimsen, his guide, was sizing up the situation, taking into account the approach, percentage of success on the stalk and the quality of the target. The 2 men whittled down their cheese and salami stocks watching the hills grow with life. Some of the Bears were too far off to go after, others were rubbed or had not come out of the hills yet. After 7 days of hunting, they spotted this Boar within reach. The stalk was flawless and the shot was well placed. Alaska Peninsula Hunting at its finest.

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