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Alaska Hunting Fool

Alaska Hunting Addict

Long before internet, some static started in a pool hall. An ominous Alaska Hunting Addict was waving his cue stick and raving about Alaska Brown Bear as he was dumping the Eight Ball from the 50 yard line in a double bank side pocket. The act of God himself kept me up at night. I knew I had to take it seriously. Since then, he has successfully harvested his hard earned sheep in the Chugach Range. So when he decided he wanted to harvest a Brown Bear in Vast Alaska I knew what to expect. At 6 foot 4 the gentle giant would be hard to impress with an average Brown Bear. So I flew him to the far side of our USFW Refuge area for a view bigger than this Alaska Hunting Addict. I paired him with a seasoned AK guide equal in size and aptitude. The duo took advantage of the scenario and lived on the windward side of a dormant volcano.

With grand plans to take a route dissecting the backside of the volcano, they ate Ramen and pondered their existence. Suddenly, a wild and unassuming Brown Bear of gargantuan proportions appeared to test the Super Duo. Deft and precise action led to a Spot and Stalk in the alpine. Those moments are ingrained in my mind. To pursue a Brown Bear during breeding season above bush line in the snow takes a lot of confidence. It is beyond mans land. Man is habitually thigmotactic, (needing security of tight womb like places), like the Brown Bear. To have the confidence to leave your comfort zone is something only climbers have overcome. Sometimes, you have to go beyond your comfort zone in the pursuit of your quarry. Be fit, and Content in your surroundings! Vast Alaska.

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