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Alaska Moose Hunting

Alaska Moose Hunts

An Alaska Moose Hunts is a staple of adventure as well as table fare for most born and raised Alaskans. Large enough to feed whole families, yet they can be elusive to find. In our Exclusive Use Area on the Alaska Peninsula we have all the right elements to produce Trophy class Bull Moose. What makes the area so good is the abundance of browse, wetlands and a temperate climate and the lack of hunting pressure. Historically, we never hunted Moose on this part of the Refuge, but in 2021 we took advantage of these permits we were sitting on. Now we offer this hunt to a limited number of hunters each year to ensure the prospects of a Trophy Moose are in your sights. So far, we have had 100% success through 2023 and have had 2 Trophy class Moose over 70″.

Our season started out with Sig Sauers test team, and their latest  Cross Rifle Platform. We supplied the exclusive use refuge area and they supplied the hired guns. After some pre hunt scouting in the Super Cubs, we decided on two specific venues. John Brasseur and James Nash were both well equipped with the newest brainstorm from Sig Sauer. Their Cross Rifle in .300 Win Magnum was equipped with SIERRA6BDX rifle scope accompanied with the KILO8K-ABS range finder. The setup proved effective on this Alaska Moose Hunts. They walked away with a heavy load of free ranging moose attached to some big handles. Sig Sauer proved to Us why they are still the leaders in innovation in hunting rifles and firearms.





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