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My hunting experience dates back to shadowing my father at age 6. I have been on 41 sheep hunts in North America….. None were in more difficult terrain. My sheep hunt with Cash had the biggest impact on me. His abilities in the mountains were incredible. We travelled in some difficult and dangerous terrain, I pushed myself to the limit and I always felt safe. My sights were set on a Book Dall Sheep and over the course of four weeks in the field we achieved that. We never quit. But most notable…… sometimes I could not tell if I were with a nobel peace prize recipient, a poet, a Harvard professor of philosophy, a physicist, a Mt. Everest conqueror or a multi-lingual CIA operative.

One of the most interesting guys I have met, and most of all enjoyable to be around. Looking forward to our next hunt together!

Douglas Leech Record Book Dall Sheep
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