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Brown Bear Hunts

Brown Bear Hunts

All good Brown Bear Hunts start and end on the Alaska Peninsula. There you find a special place, at the headwaters of the Chignik Commercial Fishing District, historically one of the richest indigenous fish populations. Also, one of the highest recorded Brown Bear populations in Alaska. Vast Alaska recognized the opportunities and we took into account every hunters dream and turned it into a reality. We have combined USFW Refuge areas with Private Native Corporation Land for you to explore, hunt and conserve. It’s taken Us 19 years to allow you this opportunity. Conservation in Brown Bear terms is harvesting mature breeding boars. Also, limiting the take to a specified harvest for ultimate quality.

In an effort to preserve the Brown Bear species, Vast Alaska and guides prefer to take Male (Boar) Brown Bears. Legally, You the hunter are allowed to take Female (Sow) on your Brown Bears Hunts (not accompanied by Cubs). With this in mind, we challenge you the hunter to make every reasonable effort to harvest mature Male (Boar) Brown Bears or Mature Dry (OLD) Sows. Unfortunately, elimination of breeding age Sows will indirectly decrease the population of Brown Bears. Male Brown Bears will then kill more Cubs in order to hasten the estrous cycle of the now limited number of Sows to breed with. Strange but true the evolution of the Brown Bear…

Brown Bear Hunts with Vast Alaska,,, you learn a little bit more about the quarry you Seek Outside … Live like the prey you hunt!

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