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The Chugach Range is known for inherent weather and wild atmospheres. Some news from a Sept. Sheep Hunt with Hop Jackson. I think Hop got his nickname from his ability to jump rising gendarmes and weave through mountain obstacles. We hunted sheep for 10 days and finally located a suitable Ram. He gave us the Houdini then the formidable weather added to the complexities of our desired bow kill.  We spent the entire Sheep Hunt above 5000′ which was above cloud base.

On day 10 we found our Ram at 160 yards at dusk. It was apparent that we would not use the bow until tomorrow, instead we decided to end our hunt with the rifle. Unfortunately the Ram was in the inhospitable part of the Chugach. A vast deep ravine, complete with falling rock and mudslides. We kept one eye on our 6 as we skinned and butchered the Ram through the night. Sheep meat shish kabobs and luscious blueberries fed us for the two day bushwhack to the Super Cub Strip. Life is good, Hop Jackson Sheep Hunt is better.

Video Details

Client: Hop Jackson

Hunt: Dall Sheep Hunt

Location: Chugach Range

Season: September 5, 2013

Sheep: 10 year old big mountain RAM

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