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While most married couples choose to spend their anniversary on the coast in the tropics. Matt and Nikki Lumley spent theirs on the Alaska Peninsula Moose Hunting by the frigid coast of the Bering Sea. This area is infrequently hunted let alone visited. A wolf pack was denned close to our first camp and their actions could be seen and heard throughout our stay. Our first target was Nikki´s Moose, the Bull was with 2 Cows and a Calf. She made a fine shot on the Bull and we spent a night at the kill site completing the harvest. Moose steaks skewered on alder poles relieved our hunger while the sun fell below the horizon.This is Brown Bear country.

We pulled up the tent stakes and loaded the Super Cub to head to another area to hunt for Matt´s Moose. Only on the Alaska Peninsula Moose Hunting can you kill 2 birds with one stone. We located 2 great Bulls battling for the prize of a single cow. We made a good stalk on the victor and Both Matt and Nikki each harvested exceptional moose during their trip. An experience even an Alaskan would cherish. If this sounds interesting, contact us on our Moose Hunting request form.

Video Details

Client: Matt and Nikki Lumley

Hunt: Moose Hunt

Location: Alaska Peninsula

Season: September 20, 2012

Moose: Nikki’s Moose – 65″  Matt’s Moose – 69 1/4″

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