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Archery Brown Bear Alaska

Archery Brown Bear Alaska

Russ Sauter came fully prepared mentally and physically to hunt Archery for Brown Bear in Alaska. He was drawing 100# with single bladed bleeders at 50 yds. He also brought lighter grained gear for 80 yds. Wind is a factor for archers on the Alaska Peninsula, although the wind was not formidable on the day he got his Brown Bear in Alaska.  It was a matter of circumstance that his guide (Cash Joyce) told him that he ought to use the rifle that we had packed for such a circumstance. The stalk went well with a mile + approach, the boar was with a sow and the advantage was minimal. On the flats in high grass without a lot of cover. I worried about the four eyes more than anything and the fact that it was a exceptional 10´ Brown Bear that i wanted to see Russ get.  I made the call to shoot the rifle at 75 yds. Archery Brown Bear goes to rifle in a quick blink of an eye. We had a goal of 50 yds. with that gear and it appeared risky on day 7. We stayed on the kill and skinned for a sleepless night.  We hiked our loads out to the beach in the AM and built a fire to sleep till low tide. I woke and hiked back to the airplane without the hide and picked up Russ and load on the tidal flats just in time to meet the commuter bound for Anchorage.  Quick goodbyes and fastidious decisions was the ending of arduous long hours spotting and glassing Brown Bears.  A message for anyone looking to go Brown Bear Hunting in Alaska, 90% glassing for 10% of shear adventure.

Russ Sauter – 10´ Squared and 26 1/2″ Skull

Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunting-8 Archery Brown Bear Alaska

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