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Chugach State Park Sheep Hunt

On a fine day in 2017, 3 men set foot in search of a great experience. Their path led them to Chugach State Park to Sheep Hunt…. One can say that a trophy is the Horns that lay on a Monarchs head. These three men would say that the trophy is the Chugach style pursuit, and harvest of an aged old gem of 13.5 years. Beyond the horizons of a common man, elite prey live in uncommon precipices and the environment that hunters must dwell remains undefined. This Chugach State Park Sheep Hunt ended with success for two species, another Great Ram saw a life beyond what was pre-disposed and 3 great Chugach Park dwellers saw his last days and relished in his harvest the Chugach way.  Tired and Satisfied, the Chugach Range way.



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